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Welcome to my Equine Training Homepage!

Horses have been a major part of my life for 20 years. Over the years I have honed my skills and expertise. As we all know, you never stop learning and developing, so I want to take a step further and combine groundwork, flatwork and showjumping to foster a strong trust relationship.

At the heart of my training philosophy lies a deep wish to understand the horse-human relationship. I firmly believe that a horse and its rider are a team, and trust is the foundation upon which partnership thrives and upon which we can achieve the most. I emphasize the significance of patience and empathy in every training session. I do not only want to merely teach a horse how to perform certain movements, but aim to create a harmonious connection that benefits both the horse and the rider. Once the horse has experienced an education in which it feels safe and comfortable, it will be a trustworthy horse for every rider.

Groundwork is where the magic begins. Through ground exercises, I establish a strong bond with the horse as well as mutual trust. By focusing on communication, body language and understanding the horse's natural instincts, I will have a respectful and willing equine partner in the end.

With a solid foundation established through groundwork, we can move on to flatwork. I believe in a systematic approach that encourages the horse to show its natural athleticism in its own time to pay close attention to their individual needs. Through clear communication and gentle guidance, I aid, especially young horses, to develop their physical and mental capabilities, ensuring a smooth transition to more advanced disciplines. 

In showjumping, we put the trust to the test. For me, it is not just about clearing fences but doing so with confidence and cooperation. I cultivate a bond with each horse that allows them to jump with enthusiasm. 

We learn something new from every equine partner and together, we embark on a journey of growth and learning. My dedication lies in creating a positive and rewarding training experience for both horse and rider. I want to ensure that we progress at a pace that suits everyone's unique abilities and personalities.

Whether you are a rider looking to improve your skills with your horse, or a horse owner wanting to put your horse into training while giving it its own time, I invite you to contact me. I am available for groundwork, flat and showjumping training as well as lessons. I educate your young horses and "problem horses".

On our socials, I will also share insights, training tips and stories of our training successes. Let us raise a glass to our horses as well:

"Patience and gentleness, firmness and petting, one pund of each to be mixed up with half a pint of common sense, and given to the horse every day."

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