Meet the team

Welcome to Brosky Company. This is us! We are here for the love of Whisky and horses, which we share with so many in this world. 

Together, we get this vision going. We are both students in our forth year at the University of Limerick, studying International Equine Businessmanagement. Yes, indeed, our passion lies with horses as well - and luckily horses and Whisky go beautifully together. 


As a startup, we are driven by our passion and commitment. We will continuously expand our offers and services and will introduce innovative features on our seek for hidden gems. This is how your journey with us remains exciting and ever-evolving.

Sewan Broskij

My name is Sewan Broskij. I aim to make Whisky even more attractive and to make your Whisky journey an unforgettable experience.

Brosky Company believes that Whisky is not just a drink, but a way of life. I, Sewan Broskij, am the face behind the company and am determined to bring Whisky to you in a form that you have not known before.

The newest product from Brosky Company is "The Whisky Fan", which collects all well-known Whiskys from local bars and adds a clear arranged taste pallett to each Whisky so that you know what you order on a night out, or what you buy in a shop. You can choose your Whisky suiting your own tastes and preferences and will not end up with any surprises.

So, whether you are searching for a community or a truly unique Whisky product, or if you simply want to expand your Whisky knowledge, Brosky Company is here to accompany you on your Whisky adventure.

So, let us raise a glass:

"Four blessings upon you - older Whisky - younger women -. faster horses - more money" -Anonymous toast

Chiara Schätzmüller

My name is Chiara Schätzmüller. I like Whisky, but most of all I love horses and I am thrilled to welcome you to my equine training journey. My philosophy is to combine horsemanship with competitive riding.

I believe, that we can achieve so much more when we go back to establishing a relationship built on trust and patience and when we give our horses the time they need.

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