The Whisky Fan

"The Whisky Fan" by Sewan Broskij.

"The Whisky Fan" is created based on my personal experience in bars and restaurants. When I asked for recommendations on Whisky, or what a certain Whisky tastes like, the answers I got were quite vague. Therefore, I created an easy tool to help you select Whiskies that are most common to be poured in bars and restaurants. "The Whisky Fan" is also fun to use at home, or to get as a gift for that one friend or family member  who loves Whisky so much! 

"The Whisky Fan", with detailed tasting notes and country information, allowing you to delve deeper into the world of Whisky heritage and tastes. I believe that knowing what you are drinking enhances overall enjoyment and appreciation of this revered spirit.

What sets me apart is my passion to provide Whisky products that make life easier for beginners and that also set a milestone for the journey to become a real Whisky lover. 

Where it all began:

"The Whisky Fan" is a product, which developed out of passion. First of all, out of passion for the "Peaky Blinders", where I discovered my love for the 20ies. Especially the clothing style and their Whisky culture fascinated me. I started to integrate that lifestyle into my own life and with participation in the "Honour Program" at my university the passion for Whisky, as well as the urge to learn more about its diversity, took over and developed into something great - "The Whisky Fan".

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