Coming to The Netherlands! 3 IRISH TASTING SPECIALS

Published on 15 October 2023 at 20:29

#3 Jameson

#1 Distillery Edition Exclusives 

#2 Teeling

There are two Irish whiskey brands which have a special place in my heart! Therefore, I am proud to announce that these two brands will get their own special tasting options! And keep reading till the end for there will be an exclusive offer you don’t want to mis! ON the third place: a brand we all know and love namely the famous JAMESON Irish Whiskey! On the second place: a brand I personally enjoy as an everyday whiskey. This brand makes some incredible whiskeys and they experiment with different kind of yeasts, I am talking about TEELING WHISKEY!


And last but certainly not least! On the first place I am presenting a limited edition tasting session called the !!!DISTILLERY EDITION EXCLUSIVES!!! I will not reveal yet what this all means, but one thing I can say is that this tasting is one with an amazing story, where each bottle is collected personally from lots of distilleries around Ireland!

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